For the last several years we’ve been teased and tantalized by promises of a new, HD remake of one of the most celebrated games in the Final Fantasy series. Oh, how we have waited for details and news, satisfying our lust for our desired Final Fantasy VII remake, one which has been in development for more than two years with very little to show for it other than a couple of screenshots and the knowledge that CyberConnect2, best known for their excellent games based on the Naruto anime, was taking a lead on the development of the remake for Square Enix, presumably leaving them freer to count all the money they were going to get from this hotly anticipated title.

However, there has been a change to this game’s already long and confusing story! In a shocking twist, Square Enix are cutting ties with CyberConnect2, opting to bring the development of Final Fantasy VII Remake in-house, in order to give them the ability to “control quality as well as keeping the schedule stable.” The decision was formally announced during a stream to promote the Mobias Final Fantasy title, with Naoki Hamaguchi approaching it carefully, dubbing it a “sensitive subject”.

This will undoubtedly cause another delay to the already slow off the mark remake of what is now an almost ancient but still much loved entry in the series. Despite some screenshots released earlier this year, it seems unlikely that we’ll be getting a release date announced anytime soon, let alone a look at any gameplay footage. Many fans were also very excited to see a new studio taking on the title, particularly one with such a different pedigree of gameplay as the classic turn-based combat focused Final Fantasy VII.

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